GROUND LEVEL: The picture really highlights the depths we have had to dig down for the new build and the adjustments made from the existing ground floor level. Cleverly, with a little help from the architects, sitting deeper into the ground doesn’t mean that the ground floor rooms will suffer from restricted sunlight with all the windows on the lower level specifically designed to be positioned to maximise sunlight.

FRONT DOOR: All windows on the property have been bricked out including the front door. As you can see accompanying the front door will be a large window which helps accentuate the lounge/kitchen area further.

EXTERNAL BRICKWORK: All the breezeblock has been laid across the whole site (still visible on the first floor) while the external brickwork – the bricks that will be visible on the lower level of the building– have been laid on front and rear ground floor level. The new bricks certainly help the building blend into its surroundings.

FIRST FLOOR: Ever since the back-breaking work of getting out of the ground and digging out over 14,000 tonnes of soil the build has really taken off. The first floor went up last week and the metal sheet cladding, which will adorn the first floor, is set to be installed at the end of next week giving us – for the first time – a glimpse of what the finished building will look like.

STEEL BEAM FOR ROOF STRUCTURE: With the majority of the brickwork complete by the end of February one of the last ‘big jobs’ was to get the steel roof structure in place. With the aid of a crane, positioned on Back Irvine Street, two huge steel beams were lowered into position on Tuesday ready for the joiners to actually start building the roof. The timber roof structure will be built in two halves and set in place by the end of next week – making the build completely water tight for the first time.

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog updates for more progress reports from the project as we start to turn our attention to the internal design of the build in the coming weeks.


Brickwork Front door window

Above L-R: The external brickwork is close to completion. Work on bricking out the front door and adjoining window starts to take shape. 

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