NO matter whether you’re an experienced third year student or a plucky first year, knuckling down to revise and getting yourself through exam season can be tough, especially coming just after Christmas. Talk about a comedown!

However, here at APB we know what you’re going through. Despite our memory getting a little foggier with each passing year we’ve managed to nail down five top tips to help you survive the next month…

Organise your space Clutter

Make sure you have everything you need within easy reach. Can you spread your notebooks and papers out easily? Are you sitting comfortably? Distractions are a no go. Try putting your phone out of reach or on silent, or, better still try something you may never have done before and turn it off!

Working in a clean, tidy environment not for you? If a cluttered mess, or ‘organised chaos’ as I like to call it, helps your concentration levels, be as messy as you like. It’s important to find what works for you.

Snack on ‘brain food’ Junk food

Now the name ‘brain food’ maybe a bit misleading as foods such as fish, nuts, yoghurt and blackberries won’t make you smarter but they have all been scientifically proven to aid concentration and memory. So keep away from the junk food and instead opt for a more healthy, nutritious option, even if it’s just for the month. You’ll start to feel the benefits to your mind and body in no time. We’ll have some of that.

Drink plenty of water OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is starting to sound like a fitness blog but bare with us. Staying well hydrated is essential for the brain to function at its best meaning topping that bottle up with water is crucial during revision and especially on exam day.

Take regular breaks

It has been proven that short bursts of 20-30 minutes of revision works best.  InstagramThat means taking little breaks can aid your study time. So, when your mind starts to wander don’t force yourself to aimlessly stare at a textbook and instead, take yourself off for some down time. This might be going for a run (see tip 5) or simply checking what life changing pics your mates have uploaded to Instagram in the last 30 minutes…


We give up, this is definitely starting to read like an exercise blog. However, 30 runningminutes of light jogging at the end of a hard day revising can help your wellbeing. Running will increase your heart rate which in turn makes your blood circulate faster. This ensures the brain gets more oxygen which will increase your productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress. It’s a win, win.

To all students out there with exams, good luck!

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