APB PROPERTY has had planning permission passed on a brand new, 6-bed, two-storey development in Liverpool city centre.

The exciting project will be housed on the same plot of land that is occupied by our two 6-bed houses, 11 and 12 North View and our 5-bed basement apartment, 12A North View.

The new build will mean that the number of rooms on the ‘North View campus’ will increase to 23.

Thanks to the architects at Smith.Young, the development has that modern edge while still being sympathetic to the neighbouring, grade two listed properties that share the conservation area.

“…The new-build has that modern edge while still being sympathetic to its grade-two listed neighbours…”

Despite being two storey the house will be officially classed as 1.5 storey as the contractors will dig down into the ground meaning that the house will not protrude over the existing wall and into neighbour’s line of sight.

With the project only just past the planning stage, we hope to begin work in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled as the blog will provide fortnightly updates as the development progresses.

In the meantime, check out some of the design pictures that we have had put together.

Below: How the proposed new-build will look with brick making up the ground floor and metal cladding for the first floor.

Drawings5 Drawings4

Below: The first picture shows how far down the contractors will dig meaning that over half of the ground floor will, technically, be under ground.

Below, right: A view of how the new-build will fit into the existing plot alongside the company’s three other properties.

Drawings3 Drawings2

Below: A bird’s eye scaled view of the new-build on the existing plot.

Below, right: An artist’s impression of how the finished property will look, with 11, 12 and 12A North View to the right.

Drawings1 Drawings

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