IT’S a case of out with the old and in with the new at a number of our houses this summer.

School might still be out for a few more weeks yet with tenants not ‘officially’ moving in full time until Freshers week at the start of September but that doesn’t mean our team has been resting on its laurels.

A host of our properties in Fallowfield have seen pinewood decking laid in the gardens along with new immaculate artificial grass to ensure our tenants squeeze every last ray of sun out of the British summer.

Over in Liverpool, 11 and 12 North View has seen two new kitchens fitted – complete with subtle grey work surfaces and units with brand new appliances as well as a new main bathroom at 11.

As well as regularly updating the furniture at all of our houses the recent renovations certainly make the houses stand out from the crowd and highlight the company’s efforts to always keep striving to offer its tenants the best facilities in student accommodation.


image Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen

Above left: 11 North View kitchen before and after

Above right: 12 North View kitchen before and after


Above: 106 Moseley Road garden with new decking and furniture





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