LIVERPOOL, being one of the most historical cities in the world, has well over 1000 listed buildings.

Pillar Box on Abercromby Square
Pillar Box on Abercromby Sq
Welsh Presbyterian Chapel, Chatham St
Welsh Presbyterian Chapel, Chatham St

These buildings or monuments can be as diverse as ranging from the impressive Welsh Presbyterian Chapel on Chatham Street or the Pillar box on Abercromby Square.

By definition a listed building is a structure selected by English Heritage of being of architectural and/or historical importance. Our two 6-bed properties at 11 and 12 North View in Edge Hill fall into that category.

The two houses, which are decorated with a cornice just below the roof, complete with sash windows with wooden lintels are well over 200 years old.

Owning a grade two listed property in a conservation area means that, as landlords, APB has a responsibility to maintain its original style and character.

So when the sash windows at the rear of 12 North View needed replacing due to general wear and tear the replacements had to be like-for-like – in keeping with the character of the building.

Hand-crafted in a local workshop the new windows took two weeks to make and were fitted this week. We think you will agree they certainly add another touch of class to the building.

“…Owning a grade two listed property means APB has a responsibility to maintain its original style and character…”

Kitchen window two windows Pictured (left) three of the four windows which were replaced.

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