32-Princes-Road-PenthouseIMG_0160IT’S well into the New Year and scribbled on your ‘things to do’ list, barely eligible, between ‘eat’ and ‘sleep’ is the fairly important task of ‘find a house for next year’.

Although you may not have given it much thought up until now – to be fair you’ve only been in halls for a few months – you may not be in as bad a position as you might think.

Don’t worry, despite panic setting in after discovering the slightly more organised students on your course have their house signed, sealed and delivered all before Christmas, whether you meant it or not, taking your time and weighing up your options before signing the first contract that a landlord thrusts under your nose could work in your favour.

“…Whether you meant it or not, taking your time and weighing up your options could work in your favour…”

Firstly, the mates you meet in your first few months of university might not be your mates now, so best to wait and see before deciding if you can really live with the guys you hang out with.

Once you have decided on numbers take the next step and search for houses. This means opening your laptop and using it for something other than checking Facebook and Twitter every two minutes or loading up Football Manager.

APB advertises all of its properties on accredited university sites such as Manchester Student Homes, Liverpool Student Homes and propertywithUS (Sheffield). You can be rest assured that to advertise with these websites landlords need to supply an up to date gas safety certificate, electrical certificate and energy performance certificate.

Now you’ve whittled down your shortlist you can go ahead and book viewings by contacting the landlord. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this blog.

Links to our available houses in Manchester and Liverpool for 2016/17 can be found below…

 106 Moseley Road (Fallowfield)

 11 North View (Liverpool)

 12A North View (Liverpool)

 32 Princes Road (Liverpool)

So, you’ve seen one of our houses and you’re keen to secure the property but how do you go about it? Don’t worry, it couldn’t be simpler…

1. Put down your deposit (£350). Once we have received all of the deposits for the house we can take it off the market. As we own the majority of our houses, as well as manage them, you will not be asked to pay for anything else. So no pesky management fees or admin fees.

2. As a group sit down and read the contract before signing it and returning it to the landlord.

3. Fill out a guarantor form asking a parent or guardian to sign on your behalf. (A guarantor is someone who will vouch to pay your rent should you struggle to meet the payments).

4. Finally, fill in a student details sheet with info about yourself and your course (course name, student number etc). All sorted – you are good to go for 2016/17.

Once you have sorted all the above details, remember to ask for your group’s copy of the contract, as your landlord should have printed off two copies.

Finally, house hunting should be fun so take your time and enjoy yourselves.


t: 01625 873770




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